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Most homeowners discover that replacing the tiles in their new home helps uplift the home’s value and mood. There are many things to consider when picking tiles, including the wide selection of textures, sizes, price points, and colors. Avoid tiles that do not have a strong making, even if they match or elevate the home’s aesthetics, because they will not last long enough after a couple of scratches, harsh weather, and intense outdoor conditions.

Take your time to pick a style of tiles that will cover all the intended spaces and passes all your tests because it has high-quality texture, finishing, color, and more. The rule of thumb is to order a stock that meets all or at least 90% of your requirements and to include an extra number of tiles so you can cater to the likelihood of breaking or damaging a few during the installation process. What else do you need to avoid costly mistakes when installing floor tiles?

Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Floor Tiles

Ignoring The Trim On The Pieces

The exposed edges on the tiles can have a rough look which is unsightly. Make sure you or the contractor have the details, such as the type of trim required and decorative details that give the most desirable aesthetics. The best way to go about this is to buy samples of tiles and visualize the finished look on specific areas like the rail moldings and metal edging, so you know the exact number of tiles you need and the cosmetics needed for each area of the floor.

Impulsive Purchases

Impulsive buys are potentially disappointing because you risk pickling tiles that do not look right on your floor. Lousy planning will leave the space uneven, have a rough texture and lead to costly replacements that mess up the entire floor plan. Let your professional floor designer assist with planning your floor installation process, or take as much time as is necessary to ensemble the suitable tiles from reputable ceramic and tile flooring stores.

Going Over The Budget

There is a misconception that the best tiles are the most expensive, but the reality is that the quality of the tiles from tile flooring companies in Leander, TX, is not directly correlated with the price. Do not splurge on tiles with the hope of landing great tiles; instead, research all your options until you find a brand with the correct patterns, color, thickness, and density you need for the tiles.

We have several types of tile flooring in Leander, all of which meet industry standards because they have stellar construction and admirable designs. Some of the styles on these tiles include

Give thought to the feel and durability of each choice until you find just the right timeless design with an attractive pop of color and architecture. Most importantly, ensure the chosen tile is easy to care for and not readily susceptible to pressure and moisture.

Are you looking for the best tile stores near Leander? Check out our options online to shop as many different floor tile designs as you want for installations in different areas around the property.

Tile Store Leander

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