Vps Server

Virtual private servers (VPS), are fully configurable environments that allow for complete customization. The Starter range's affordable VPS options offer outstanding performance and value for money with uncompromising quality.

A dedicated environment

You can configure your server with any operating system or application you like. You have complete flexibility as you can add resources to your server at any moment.

Scalable servers

Your VPS can scale to meet your changing requirements. You can easily control your budget by clicking the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Simplicity and independence

A virtual private server allows you to focus on your core business and give you complete control over the server. You also have the option of choosing from a number of Linux distributions such as Fedora or CentOS.

Unlimited traffic

There are no hidden fees and you have unlimited traffic.

*Excludes datacentres outside the Asia-Pacific Region

Backup options

We can ensure the integrity of data on your virtual private Server using our backup options.

You have the option to choose where your VPS will be hosted from our global network.

Why choose a VPS at a low price?

An SSD disk can be added to VPS servers that start in the Starter range. These SSD disks are low-cost and can be used to create pre-production or test environments.

How do I get started with a VPS?

Want to get your idea off to the ground? Our guide will show you how.

Need more performance?
You want to host your website with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! PrestaShop? Perhaps you are looking to create a control panel for web hosting. Plesk or cPanel? Check out our Elite models which can hold up to 640GB Disk space, 32GB RAM, and 8 vCores. They can be customized to your specifications. Offer 2 Gbit/s bandwidth.

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It has full control over the production of its servers and is able to make changes as needed. Innovative solutions have made OVHcloud a household name in Europe. Leading cloud provider. We work every day to develop the technology. The future is possible by anticipating market requirements. Our network of We have datacentres all over the world and offers solutions that address a wide range of needs. to meet your business needs. Our VPS ranges are continually being developed. So that you can get more power and flexibility for lower price Prices. We do all this transparently and without any hidden costs.

* VPS hosting in Sydney or Singapore: 1TB traffic/month VPS ranges “Value” and “Starter”, 2TB/month for “Essential” VPS range Comfort: 3TB/month, VPS range: 4TB/month “Elite” Bandwidth is reduced by 10Mbps after the monthly quota has been met Exceeded.

Vps Server