Quench Vent Systems for MRI


Quench-Air understands a well-designed mechanical system is critical to the success of any MRI suite. Quench-Air can meet the technical requirements of the quench vent systems and ensure a safe environment for the people using the space.

The equipment typically has very tight temperature and humidity requirements. Air change rates are critical in providing the proper air environment for all personnel as well as the MRI equipment.

Life-safety systems are also extremely important and must be both well designed and located.

Quench-Air can take on the mechanical considerations of QUENCH VENT FABRICATION. When an MRI quench occurs liquid helium turns to a gaseous state and expands to approximately 740 times its volume, quickly displacing the air in the room, and creating a potentially fatal situation. This is why MRI installations must include quench duct routing as part of the emergency system. The design and construction of this system must be well planned and well documented.

Quench-Air can provide engineering data to be used to determine the correct diameter of the duct after the routing of the duct has been planned, or the vendor should determine the correct diameter after the route has been presented for review. Quench-Air can fabricate all necessary ducting, bellows expansion joints, special flange patterns to mate to MRI units, waveguides and existing bellows needed for your particular system. You can feel free to contact us to know more about our MRI quench vent designs.

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