Quench Vent Manufacturers for MRI

Quench-Air provides safe and effective venting solutions for all MRI units, regardless of manufacturer. We offer custom-built QUENCH VENT SYSTEMS that are tailored to meet your needs through every step in our process – from fabricating the frame inside a controlled environment until installation on site by an expert team trained specifically for this function! Quench-Air’s vent system for MRI machines is a great option when you need to evacuate helium gas from your new or existing machine. Our design offers all the necessary components in one package, including contract drawings that can be easily implemented with no welding required at installation time!

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, you can trust that we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide quench vents with high quality workmanship at a reasonable price – contact us today for your quote!

Cryogen Vent Waveguide

Cryogen Vent Waveguide


  • Quench Vent Pipe

  • Quench Vent Flanges

  • Cryogen Vent Stacks

  • Quench Vent Bellows

  • Quench Vent Discharge Plenums

  • Custom Cryogen Vent Elbows

  • Quench Vent Special Flanges

  • Cryogen Vent Goosenecks

  • Quench Vent Gaskets

  • Quench Vent Waveguides


Nations leading Quench Vent Manufacturer with over 1050 systems fabricated since 2009.

  • Cryogen Pipe

  • Successful projects shipped to 5 different continents

  • Immediate Engineering, Submittal and Customer support

  • Engineered Quench Vent systems to eliminate field welding

  • 24 Hr. Quench System Quotes and same day shipping on many items.

  • Customer service available after hours.

  • Ability to customize any Quench System Fabrication arrangement