The first important thing to know about quenching system venting is that it is very important to keep staff and patients safe in the event of MRI system failure. MRI quenching and venting ensures that people in the facility are not exposed to toxins, even when something goes wrong. But the quench vent installation must be done right for the system to work properly.

MRI Quenching Vents

MRI systems generally use cryogens (usually helium) to cool the magnet in the MR scanner. The cooling system is so strong that it can reduce the power required to control the MR scanner. The cryogens are actually too cold to the extent that they can kill human tissue within seconds. They pose serious cold burn and frostbite hazards.

Quench venting is required to safely expel the extremely cold helium from the MRI facility when there is a system failure or quench. The failure can be a result of an accident, or an incidence of the magnets overheating, or a piece of metal getting to the magnet. Regardless of the cause of the failure, it is important that the cryogens be quickly evacuated to the outside.

The Quench Vent Pipe System

The quench vent pipe system is one of the most important parts of the entire cryogen vent system. During a quench, there is a need to safely remove the large volume of helium gas (or another cryogen). The helium quench pipe systems serve that purpose.

The quench pipes are no ordinary pipes. They are expected to handle the drastic shift from ambient temperature to the extremely cold temperature of liquid helium (which can be hundreds of degrees below freezing). If the pipes fail to adjust and convey the freezing cryogen outside, there may be a leak in the magnet room or another part of the building. Of course, this can jeopardize the safety of staff, patients, and every person in the building.

The Cryogen Vent Pipe

The cryogen vent pipe is the singular most important piece in the system. Failure to get it right jeopardizes the entire system and, in extension, the entire MRI facility or building. There must be a dedicated cryogen vent pipe that runs as directly as possible to the outdoors. This vent pipe must be fabricated to meet the pressure and diameter requirements of the MRI system manufacturer. That is why it is really important to carefully choose a quench vent manufacturer that fabricates custom cryogen vent systems.

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