Quench vent manufacturing is a critical process that should always be handled by experts. The quality of quench vent fabrication will significantly determine the safety of the quench vent system, from the MRI Unit connection to the termination point outside. When properly fabricated and installed, the ideal system will ensure that staff and patients are not exposed to toxins during a system failure. On the other hand, a low-quality quench vent poses significant health hazards to factory workers and everyone else associated with the manufacturing unit.

To make sure you get the best and safest MRI quenching and venting, you should’nt spare any cost in ensuring you choose the best quench vent manufacturer you can find. Here, we provide a list of the most important things to consider when choosing the ideal quench vent manufacturing company:

Experience and pedigree of the company

You don’t want to hand a critical project like quench vent manufacturing to a company that has little or no experience in the field. Even if a new company has a good reputation, check to see that the persons running the affairs have real experience in the field. You will enjoy peace of mind when you choose a company with several years of experience fabricating the type of system you want.

A Company That Fabricates the Complete Quench Vent System

It is also important that you choose a company that fabricates the complete quench vent system and not just a part of it. A prime fabricator must have the capacity and intention of fabricating everything from the MRI connection to the termination point outside. A one-stop solution is always better because it is reliable.

Company That Builds the System to Manufacturer’s Specifications

It is also important to build every quench vent system according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Some quench vent fabricators don’t build to the different construction standards specified by manufacturers, and this can be a real problem. You have to be sure that a fabricator will custom build the system to the specific manufacturer specifications.

A Company That Produces Completely Bolted System

It is always better to get a cryogen vent system as a completely bolted system. This makes quench vent installation easy. The best completely bolted systems utilize factory folded manifolds and cryogenic gasket. This totally eliminates the need for field welding, making installation a breeze.

A company with Excellent Customer Support

Of course, it is always better to choose a company that offers excellent customer support. Quench vent fabrication is never complete without the necessary support the client will need during installation and even maintenance processes. MRI quenching and venting will only be super safe when you get superlative customer support from the fabricator.

Choosing a reputable and reliable quench vent manufacturing company is important to get the right system that will keep your staff and patients safe. We’ve discussed the most important points to consider when it is decision time.

Contact the leading quench vent manufacturing company

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